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The conservatory discotheque keeps as an example of an interpretation in order for students who come to study to hear it.



It is as an Armenian national representative, because of her exceptional voice and her perfect notes, she was sent by the ministry of education to Saint-Petersburg superior conservatory of Rimsky-Korsakov to continue her study with Tamara Novinchenko.

Her understanding of vocal technique and her comprehension of interpretation is such some teachers of the conservatory asked her to work with their students, even though they were in higher classes.

During her two first years of study, she took some composing classes, and followed some painting classes at Repine's academy.

She ended her studies in staging and singing at the conservatory with a "perfect plus" mention, mention that was never given since the conservatory creation, for she was already considered by her professors as an international professional singer; for this reason Mosfilm did a documentary, aired on TV, on her and her work.

Recital in Saint-Petersburg's Glinka Concert room