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"She had a standing ovation and was called back until she "bissed" three times .... (She) had the best success among all artists. ... and her rare sublime voice - Soprano colorature, with her interpretation of the most difficult airs and romances she more and more mesmerized the auditory." (Astrakhanskaya isvestia) Festival International


Since then she sang numerous roles such as Violetta in Verdi's la Traviata, Frau Hertz in Mozart's der Schaußpiel Direktor, Rosina in Rossini's Barber of Seville, Fanny in Rossini's cambiale di matrimonio, Musetta in Puccini's La Bohème, Olympia in Tchouhadjian's Arshak II, Olympia in the first world wide

Le Coq d'Or
La Traviata

revival of Vivaldi's Il Tigrane.

Was invited in a lot of international festivals: Perm's festival (Russia), Chorégie d'Orange (France), Itlein's festival (Italy), ...

She gives a lot of performances and recitals in many towns and countries.

She sang in numerous place such La Scala of Milano (Italy), Bolchoi of Moscow (Russia), Carnegie Hall in New York (U.S.A), salle Gaveau in Paris (France), Grand Concert House in Hamburg (Germany)...