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Standing ovation»(La Gazzetta di Gazoldo/ Italie)



In one year she wan six international prizes ( Voltolini , 2 Voce Verdiani , Voce per la lirica ,Bellini ,Giuseppe Cordella ). She gave numerous recitals throughout 24 Italian towns.

Been a brillant opera singer, La Scala Opera invited her to continue her perfecting classes for a second year.

During these classas she was invited by La Scala directory board to sing Frau Schweigelstil role in Mansoni's Doktor Faustus for several performances.

She has always been able to rapture, with her pure and richly coloured voice, her flawless technique, and her profond and greatly cultured interpretation, not only the public who comes to hear her, but also her singing partners.

Il Doktor Faustus

It is by winning a competition done every two years envolving 16 contries in USSR each sending their best soloist for only one place, she left for La Scala to follow a perfecting class with Giuletta Simionato and Luciano Silvestri, where she prepared about ten roles.