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"Music, it's all my live...
I sing to reach each person's soul, to enrich each heart, making it purer, I sing with all of my strength... for everyone."

Art Lyrique International Association is thrilled to present Emma Torgomi-papikian, a true genius of Lyrical Art.


Welcome on the site dedicated to Emma Torgomi-papikian, certainly one of the greatest operatic voice, gifted with a unique diapason of 5 octaves, and an impressive virtuosity.

Her recognition in her home country is such she appears in Who's Who, Armenian encyclopedia...

"...opera singer (soprano, 5octaves)... First opera singer in Armenia who sang at La Scala... she is a master in her art...." (Who's who in Armenia 2007)

She studied each singing schools (italian, russian, german, arménian, french, anglish) and researched for years in order to understand the work of the body, vocal apparel, and breathing during the process of singing.

Her continual researches on voice allowed her to significantly reduce time to master a voice at an international level and to keep the same singing level without the necessity of exercising it for years. In parrallel with her singing Mrs Emma Torgomicreated her own method she teaches for years in singing lessons, master-classes, and coaching.

La Traviata