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«Crystal voice of Armenia» (Yerekoyan Yerevan/Arménie)


Back in Armenia, she entered the Alexander Spendiarian Armenian National Opera as first soloist.


She begins her career in one of the most difficult roles for colorature soprano: The queen of Shamakha from "Le Coq D'or" of Rimski-Korsakov, which requires great stage experience, and great vocal capacity.

Arshak II

Every newspapers boasted her excellent interpretation, it was the first time this opera was played since 70 years; she sang this role for about fifty representations.


In the role of Anoush in the "Anoush" opera, played every month in Yerevan since 1937, of A. Tigranian she showed, beside her interpretation of a great finesse, the range of her diapason in finishing the opera with a G of the third octave. She gave a lot of recitals in the Yerevan opera room.